Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long standing history of excellence, and alumni have a powerful impact in sharing our tradition. UW-Madison alumni can give back to their University as Alumni Admissions Volunteers with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment and share their pride by encouraging a future generation of Badgers to apply to and attend UW-Madison.

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Program Overview

The Alumni Admissions Volunteer program is a partnership between the Office of Admissions and Recruitment and the Wisconsin Alumni Association, providing opportunities for alumni to support student admission efforts to enroll a competitive and diverse student body. Volunteers assist by connecting with prospective students in communities across Wisconsin, the US, and around the world. These opportunities include:

Alumni represent UW–Madison by volunteering to work college fairs across the country and around the globe, providing academic information, application information, and valuable insight for prospective students and their families on what it means to be a Badger.

Alumni volunteers assist admissions staff at various events, including prospective and admitted student events, providing context to the Wisconsin Experience and answering questions students and their families might have by participating on alumni panels, assisting with check-in, and/or mingling throughout the event. There are also opportunities to sponsor events.

Upon registering as an Alumni Admissions Volunteer, you can create your own experience connecting with students through a variety of volunteer opportunities at the direction of the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Goals and Objectives

  • To create meaningful points of contact between UW-Madison, alumni, and prospective students and their families
  • To increase the number of competitive and qualified students considering the University of Wisconsin-Madison and increase the percentage of admitted students enrolling
  • To provide assistance to the university's admissions efforts
  • To increase alumni engagement with UW-Madison

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Ethical Practice

As an Alumni Admissions Volunteer, it is essential that you serve the interests of our prospective undergraduate students and their families and abide by nationally recognized college admissions standards.

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